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Multi functional Shipyard

Our shipyard has three locations available. Its main location is the IJsselwerf in Capelle aan den IJssel with a large section building shed, a slipway shed, a large tower crane and 182m quay length.

Next to that Zwijnenburg owns large construction halls in Krimpen aan den IJssel. All locations are suitable for large yacht- and shipbuilding projects. 


A unique location 

Zwijnenburg Shipyard is located at the IJsseldijk, close to the Port of Rotterdam. The IJsselwerf’s unique location makes tha yard ideal for building large yachts and ships. A big slipway shed and a large section building shed on one location ensures a highly efficient work process.

The IJsselwerf offers a quay, a section building shed, a slipway shed and a large outdoor terrain with a tower crane. Its total ground surface counts about 29,000m2. The tower crane’s  substantial lifting 80 tons.

Zwijnenburg shipyard also has two substantially large terrains in Krimpen aan den IJssel with large section building- and assembly sheds. These terrains also can be used for large yacht- and shipbuilding projects as well as the build of  large steel constructions. 

Ready to refit


Available quay length of 182m with an average draft of 6m NAP. This quay can be used for mooring yachts, vessels and pontoons for refits, repairs and maintenance. With possibilities for expansion.

Shore power, quay lighting, camera surveillance, access tower and water supplies are all available. 

Capelle aan den IJssel – IJsselwerf

The maximum vessel size for the slipway is 140m x 23,5m with a combined maximum admissible launch weight of 7,500 tons. The slipway shed is equipped with three overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons each. The slipway is designed to build and launch several ships at the same time. The slipway shed’s innovative L-shaped design makes it possible to open the roof of the shed completely. This allows the tower crane to place a ship’s section on any place that is desired. You can find nice 3D photos of the process on the media page on this website. At the slipway shed, separate working stations are created for subcontractors such as, piping, HVAC and electrical partners. The slipway shed also has a large, heated storage facility for ship equipment. The section shed’s measurements are 125m x 20m. It has two overhead cranes with a maximum lifting capacity 20 tons each. This is proportionate to the lifting capacity of the tower crane with 80 tons. The section shed also has access to an overhead crane with 2 x 10 tons lifting capacity and two overhead cranes with a capacity of 16 tons each. In this hall, large (yacht and shipbuilding) sections are welded and prepared for transport and installation on the slipway in the slipway shed. Because of the broad 18m shed door, sections can be hauled outside with the overhead cranes, after which the tower crane can take the section and hoist it onto the slipway. Our so-called ‘voorbewerking’-shed’, which is next to the section shed, is 125m x 14m. In this hall, panels and clamping plates are prepared for section building. There are several overhead cranes with a lifting capacity up to 5 tons in this hall. The tower crane can be moved across the entire slipway, so it can also reach our quay. Therefore, we can also move loads from and to pontoons.  The outdoor terrain of our shipyard is provided with a large parking space, camera surveillance, an access-control system and sufficient outdoor storing possibilities.  

Krimpen aan den IJssel – Industrieweg

The Industieweg’s building sheds have measurements of 100m x 20m and 73m x 31m. The 100-metre shed has three overhead cranes. Two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 tons each and one overhead crane of 2 x 10 tons. The maximum measurements for building in this shed are 16,8m wide and 13,5m high. The 73-metre shed has five overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons each and five overhead cranes of 2,5 tons. The width of the shed is 31 metres, this makes it ideal for building deckhouses for yacht- and shipbuilding. Both sheds can be lengthened with containers up to 24 metres, if necessary. The Industrieweg location has an accessible quay directly on the Nieuwe Maas. This quay offers extensive possibilities for loading and unloading large (yacht- and shipbuilding) constructions. Both sheds have a large canteen and there are dressing rooms adjacent to the building sheds. There are also offices at this location.  

Krimpen aan den IJssel – Parallelweg

The Parallelweg location has access to three building sheds. These sheds have the following measurements and capacities: 

  • Assembly shed 35m x 16m, lifting capacity 64 tons (2 overhead cranes with 2 x 16 tons lifting capacity)
  • Section building shed 27m x 15m, lifting capacity of 5 overhead cranes with 10 tons capacity each. 
  • Voorbewerkings’-shed. 30m x 15m, the same cranes as in the section building shed can be used here, as there are lanes for the cranes to move between the sheds.  

The height of the crane hook in the assembly shed is 13,25m. The height of the crane hook in the section- and ‘voorbewerkings’-shed is 7,25m. The Parallelweg also has a unique location because of its open water access from the Sliksloot to the Hollandse IJssel. Due to this open water access, it is possible to move complete yacht- and ship sections with two sheerlegs of 320 tons lifting capacity. Furthermore, this location has a central warehouse for storing ship equipment. There are also a large canteen and dressing rooms available at the Parallelweg. Finally, large office facilities and our machine shop are located on this terrain. This combination makes the Parallelweg ideal for projects which require both steel construction and mechanical chipping at the same time. 

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IJsseldijk 97, 2901 BR, Capelle aan den IJssel Head Office, Shipyard, Quayside, Slipway, Engineering, Construction Hall Parallelweg 6-8, 2921 LE, Krimpen aan den IJssel Machineshop & Construction Halls Industrieweg 2a, 2921 LB, Krimpen aan den IJssel Construction Halls & Quayside 


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