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The ongoing process of craftsmanship 

The engineering process continues when the drawings are done. Our engineers have a hands-on and motivated mindset. Shaped by a diversity of projects, they can show and develop their knowledge and skills.

Our services? Supervision of construction, on-site 3D measuring, constructive sparring for installation and rebuilding options, on-site engineering and ad-hoc design changes are all within our scope. 

A no-nonsense atmosphere

A no-nonsense atmosphere, a hands-on mentality and short lines of communication result in a solid and capable engineering department that can handle any challenge when it comes to yacht- and shipbuilding. 


Unique qualities 

Zwijnenburg Engineering’s unique qualities 

Our workforce

Zwijnenburg Engineering consists of skilled engineers who focus on the basics as well as detailed designs of yacht- and shipbuilding projects. Young engineers are trained and coached within the company. They experience what it is like to work on our projects from the moment they are hired. A hands-on mentality and a solution-oriented approach ensures a solution for every challenge. Our work planners make sure our production gets the right information and construction kits. 

Engineering for production

Software like Nupas CadmaticAutocad and Rhino are used on a daily base. A strong connection between engineering, work preparation and production is important, that is why we aim to ‘engineer for production’. This means that during the engineering process we continuously manage on goal, manufacturability and cost planning. All elements need to be in balance to deliver a sound and cost-efficient end result 

3D measuring

We can measure everything. For this we make use of a professional Leica Nova 3D measuring instrument with the highest possible accuracy, that is combined  with advanced onboard software. This creates a very powerful instrument for measuring within the sub millimeter and sub seconds areas for all types of building projects. For example to (pre-)measure shipbuild sections, propulsion systems, machining products, conversion projects and interior build. The sky is the limit.

How does it work? With, amongst others, ‘step’ files from drawing programs like Nupas or Rhino we pre-define measuring points. Afterwards these measurement results are analysed in the computer by a spatial analyser and presented in a clear measurement report.


Zwijnenburg Locations

IJsseldijk 97, 2901 BR, Capelle aan den IJssel
Head Office, Shipyard, Quayside, Slipway, Engineering, Construction Hall
Parallelweg 6-8, 2921 LE, Krimpen aan den IJssel
Machineshop & Construction Halls
Industrieweg 2a, 2921 LB, Krimpen aan den IJssel
Construction Halls & Quayside 


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