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Family owned since 1955, Zwijnenburg is considered a renowned partner in yacht- and shipbuilding, engineering, machining and construction. With craftmanship in our DNA, we have a passion for delivering technically advanced products and services that meet future demands. Located close to Rotterdam city with the open sea at 25 NM, our Shipyard offers a unique location for newbuild and refit, and an easy combine with our independent Machineshop production facility nearby.

An entrepreneurial mindset, passion, positive mentality and no-nonsense policy makes us a unique company. Together we make it happen. Despite Zwijnenburg’s growth, nowadays employing about 85, we are still a true family business driven by a passion for our employees and a superb care for our clients. They can expect on-time delivery and high quality end results.

Coming straight from the heart: with passion we create your future!


25th anniversary

Zwijnenburg celebrates its 25th anniversary with the entire staff in London.


First post

Elisabeth Zwijnenburg and Luka Bresser drive the first pile of the new sheds at the location on the parallel road in Krimpen a/d IJssel.


First complete airframe

In 2005 Zwijnenburg builds its first complete hull for the Y704 for Oceanco.


Reopening IJsselwerf

Zwijnenburg has been working at this location in Capelle aan den IJssel since 2012 for the construction of shipbuilding sections, complete hulls of ships and other steel structures for various parties.


Opening of the new machine factory

In 2016 we started the first phase of the renovation of the machine factory. The second phase has now also been completed and there are two beautiful buildings with the best welding and milling machines in which our machine factory is located.


First Zwijnenburg refit project

In 2020 Zwijnenburg will welcome the expedition yacht The Legend for a refit project.

Zwijnenburg’s story

Machine shop and Construction workshop B. Zwijnenburg b.v. was founded in 1955 by mr. Bas Zwijnenburg in Capelle aan den IJssel. After just a few years the company moved to one of its current locations in Krimpen aan den IJssel. In its first period, Zwijnenburg was mostly active in making different types of steel constructions and executing all kinds of machining.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, son in law mr. Geen Bak took over the company. During this period, construction company Stekelenburg in Middelharnis was taken over. Construction company Stekelenburg is still our ‘Constructions’ branch.

During the 80’s and 90’s, Zwijnenburg focussed more and more on shipbuilding and it became the permanent section builder for ‘Van der Giessen-de Noord’. After this collaboration, Zwijnenburg acquired a lot of new customers in a short period of time. Zwijnenburg stayed active in the shipbuilding industry and also executed larger projects, such as building bridges and cranes.

In 2006, the Industrieweg location in Krimpen aan den IJssel was opened, this was our third location. After 2006, the company grew fast and the branches Zwijnenburg Shipbuilding and Zwijnenburg Constructions were founded. In 2012, we opened our fourth and newest location; a complete shipyard, the IJsselwerf, in Capelle aan den IJssel. In 2017, The Machine shop became an independent company within the Zwijnenburg organisation. During this year, we made substantial investments in modernising the industrial halls and machines. In July of 2018, mr. Martijn Nobel joined as a shareholder. That period, Zwijnenburg also took over naval architecture and marine engineering company T.S.D. Engineering, a company with an excellent reputation in yacht- and shipbuilding. This was the start of Zwijnenburg Engineering. Despite Zwijnenburg’s growth, the company is still a true family business with a passion for its personnel and a superb care for its clients. At Zwijnenburg we stand for quality and delivery reliability and we will continue to do so for a very long time.


Zwijnenburg Locations

IJsseldijk 97, 2901 BR, Capelle aan den IJssel Head Office, Shipyard, Quayside, Slipway, Engineering, Construction Hall Parallelweg 6-8, 2921 LE, Krimpen aan den IJssel Machineshop & Construction Halls Industrieweg 2a, 2921 LB, Krimpen aan den IJssel Construction Halls & Quayside


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